Hearts in Harmony is devoted to helping animal care professionals, such as; Veterinarians and their staff,                            Animal Shelter personnel and Animal Control Officers improve their ability to cope with the emotional stressors                     associated with their profession.  We are focused on making a difference in the lives of animal care professionals and organizations so they in turn can enhance and improve the lives of the animals and communities they serve.


Our workshops are designed to provide awareness of compassion fatigue, burnout and vicarious trauma, the effects on the animal care professionals and organizations, and how professionals and organizations can build resilience to counter-act the effects. 


Tailored workshop packages, and support to meet organizational needs are available. 




The Emotional Impact of the Animal Care Profession, 4 and 6 hours/can be tailored to meet the

organization’s needs.


               Half Day Workshop - $400.00

               Full Day Workshop -  $800.00


Prices do not include travel expenses which may be added depending upon location.  Additional $10.00 per person charged  for groups over 20.


Half Day Workshop - This workshop provides an introduction to compassion stress and fatigue, burnout, causes, how to recognize the individual symptoms, and build resilience and coping skills.  This workshop combines interactive lecture, group and individual activities.


Full Day Workshop - This workshop will provide tools and techniques to maintain compassion in this challenging work.  The workshop provides an introduction to compassion stress and fatigue, burnout, how to recognize the individual and organizational symptoms, individual and organizational resilience and coping skills.   The first half of the workshop is devoted to learning about the different emotional stresses and their affects, while the last half is spent learning how to build resilience and coping skills.  We will actually develop action plans for an emotional healthy animal care professional.  This workshop combines interactive lecture, group and individual activities.


Leading Through Compassion Stress in the Animal Care Profession – For Managers and Supervisors,

(4 hours)


         Half Day Workshop designed to complement above workshop as a package - $250.00

         Half Day Workshop (stand alone workshop) - $400.00


This workshop provides a look at the impact that compassion fatigue and burnout can have on the animal care organization. We discuss how to recognize the early signs, keeping the pulse of your organizations emotional wellness, building resilience and coping skills in a team setting. We will discuss the recipe to a healthy positive work team and how to develop action plans for the organization. This workshop combines interactive lecture and some group and individual activities.


This workshop can be developed into a full day workshop upon request.

Compassion Fatigue Package - $1,600.00


This package includes a full day workshop on the “Emotional Impact of the Animal Care Profession”, half-day workshop on “Leading through Compassion Stress in the Animal Care Profession” and 3 three-hour follow-up support sessions for the  12-month period following the workshops.


This package can be modified to meet the needs of the individual agency.



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