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How To Keep Your Dog Physically And Mentally Stimulated During COVID-19

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In this new world of COVID-19 keeping your dog happy, healthy, and still improving their behavior can be a little more difficult. Continuing your dog’s training is a great way to keep your canine physically and mentally stimulated. Hamilton dog training is still open for private sessions and behavior consults at the facility (in Hamilton) only. Hearts in Harmony takes the Covid-19 pandemic seriously and has put in place practices consistent with Virginia requirements. We ensure social distancing, limiting the number of participates and cleaning and disinfecting of the facility and equipment between private training sessions.To honor social distancing are not providing demonstrations with the dogs. Unfortunately, group training classes are on hold until further notice. However, here are a few ways to make the best of the situation at hand with your dog.


It may be a simple answer, but walking your dog is one of the best physical and mental exercises for them. If you are unable to take your dog for a walk, you can provide other fun stimulation such as:

• playing hide and seek • spreading kibble out around the house for a hunting experience • walking with them up and down stairs in or just outside your home

Review basic manners training

In our area of Hamilton and Leesburg, dog training teaches that manners training does not end after your canine has graduated their classes. It is a process that continues through your dog’s lifetime. While strengthening what your dog already knows, it will also build his confidence since he already knows the commands. Depending on where your dog is in his training experience, you can tailor the training accordingly.

Interactive dog treat dispensing toys and games

A fun way to enrich you dog’s life while at home is to engage him with “nosework”. Snuffle mats, kongs, busy buddy, and tricky treat balls are all examples of interactive dog toys with treats hidden inside. Dogs have to work to sniff and dig out the treats. It is a challenging way to get them to work for their food. It is also something fun to do while being indoors.

Enrich your dog’s life with private sessions at the Hamilton facility

Your dog’s training in Leesburg, VA area is vital no matter the situation. Keep his mind sharp and body healthy with fun training sessions and techniques. Learn more about the private sessions we are still currently offering onsite at Hearts in Harmony. Call us now at (540) 454-4098!.

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