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Essential Behaviors to Learn for Dog Training in Leesburg, VA This Spring

Commands to Practice for Spring Dog Training in Leesburg, VA

Spring is here— the snow is melting, the sun is shining, and it's time to get back to regular having fun outside with your dog. What better way then with dog training in Leesburg, VA! During the winter many pet owners tend to stay indoors and limit their time outside. That's understandable, but you and your furry friend need to catch up once the cold season is over and have some fun.

Now that spring has arrived, shake off cabin fever and gear up for outdoor fun with your pooch! Just to help you get back into the swing of things, focus on a few essential behaviors for safer, happier adventures with your beloved canine.

Dog Training for a Safe and Happy Spring Season

If you didn't have a lot of opportunities for Hamilton dog training during the winter, your pup needs to brush up on his fundamental manners. Spring's lovely weather is excellent for hanging out at the dog park, dining at a pet-friendly establishment, playing fetch outside, hiking, and many other activities.

To do these activities safely, make sure your dog has the following behaviors:

  • Reliable recall (come when called).

A reliable recall is one of the most valuable behaviors your dog can have. This skill is especially important if you plan on going on hikes or playing at the dog park this spring. Having an excellent recall will give you peace of mind and allow your dog to enjoy more off-leash freedom.

  • Drop –It.

Expect your dog to go crazy now that he gets to go outside again! He'll want to explore and sniff out everything. Unfortunately, this curiosity often ends up with him taking something in his mouth. This behavior can be risky since it may turn out to be something toxic. Teaching your dog how to drop things on cue will help you keep him safe and avoid damaging objects during your springtime strolls.

  • Polite Leash Walking.

On the surface, having your dog walk nicely beside you seems like it should be simple — your dog must walk closely beside you, not ahead or behind you. However, it's one of the most challenging behaviors students and their dogs learn during .

It involves clear communication between you and your pet, and you need to train him to focus on you and your movements despite all the distractions outside. Mastering this skill opens up a lot of possibilities for spring fun since you can trust your dog to stay with you no matter where you explore.

Join Our AKC Fit Dog Club for More Springtime Fun and Learning!

At Hearts and Harmony, we want you and your dogs to be healthy, happy, and fit. That's why we're starting an AKC Fit Dog Club in April, and we're inviting you to join us!

Be a part of our "Out and About" classes, where we meet in different locations in western Loudoun County for walks. During that time, we will practice good dog manners, polite leash walking, and safety. We" ll also be adding agility and other fun classes that will encourage canine fitness and fun!

Finally, set the foundation of a wonderful life with your pet through dog training classes in Leesburg, VA, Hearts in Harmony offers different Dog Training Programs to help your dog develop the skills he needs to become an excellent companion. Register for classes, or call us at 540-454-4098 to learn more!

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