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Get Ready for Fall with Dog Training Near Leesburg, VA

If you are experiencing concerning behaviors with your canine, then you may want to look into professional dog training services. We offer group classes on everything from manners to fear free handling. However, if you are having problems with your pooch, such as dog to dog aggression, then our separation anxiety and fear group classes may not be the right fit. Not to worry! Hearts in Harmony offers private classes and behavior modification sessions. More information and pricing can be obtained on our Behavior Modification page.

Learn how to identify problems and respond appropriately for your dog’s sake through Hearts in Harmony dog training near Leesburg, VA. Check out our upcoming classes for:

  • Dog Group Classes

  • Puppy Group Classes

  • Specialty Classes

  • Private Sessions

We have new classes this fall on:

  • Advanced Manners

  • Find-It, Introduction to Sniffing and Searching Techniques

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Class

Keep your pooch calm and collected with Leesburg dog training. Call Hearts in Harmony at 1-540-454-4098 or register online for a class!

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