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Your Local Trainer in Hamilton Dog Training Classes Shares Tips on How to Have Fun with Your Dog

As a local trainer in Hamilton dog training, Kim Miller recognizes that training isn’t just about behavior modification. It’s more about building and strengthening the human and dog relationship.

Local Trainer Hamilton Dog Training

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Helping your dog stay active provides an opportunity to enjoy quality time and maintain health and wellness. Building rapport and having fun with your furry friend, however, can be quite a challenge especially during the fall and winter seasons.

It may be difficult to find open space to run and explore especially in some of the tightly packed suburbs of Northern Virginia. For locals, signing up for dog training in Leesburg, Ashburn, Purcellville areas means you are within driving distance of Hearts in Harmony’s training facility in Hamilton.

Fun Things to Do with Your Dog

Dog training services are specially designed to meet your canine companion’s specific needs. To keep your dog active and happy, dog trainers recommend engaging in fun activities. Be sure to direct your dog’s energy into appropriate channels using structured games.


Playtime provides your dog a mental and physical stimulation that help him stay happy and healthy. Dogs, however, have different play styles. If you want to play with your dog, be sure to understand his personal style. Is he more comfortable with a variety of games or with just one or two repetitive routines?

Here are some playtime recommendations to keep your dog entertained whether you’re inside your home.

  • Hide and Seek This is a fun workout for your dog’s brain and body. Dogs have a real appetite for problem-solving tasks. Playing hide and seek helps reinforce his scent tracking ability.

  1. Before you start playing, make sure that your dog is familiar with the ‘stay’ command. This way, he will not simply follow you around while you try to hide.

  2. Tell your dog to ‘sit’ and ‘stay.’

  3. Grab a treat and hide somewhere, but don’t hide too far. Choose an obvious place in your house, like a chair or an open door.

  4. Now, call your dog and wait for him to find you.

  5. Once he finds you, praise him and give him a treat to reinforce his good behavior.

  • Dog Puzzles

From squeaking plush toys, chewing balls, to rubber toys— dogs love to play toys. Likewise, puzzle toys are an excellent means to encourage your dog to think and use his sense of smell. There are various puzzle toys you can use to keep your dog occupied during the cold season. Here are a few tips to help you incorporate this game into your dog’s routine.

  1. To introduce this game to your dog, play at least 15-30 minutes a day with puzzle toys.

  2. Once your dog adapts to the routine, let him work for his food by hiding treats in different puzzle toys. Remember to use a high-value reward that's easy for your dog to get out.

  3. Start with small pieces, then increase the size of the reward as your dog gets more skilled at using the toy.

  • Search and Sniff This is one of the simplest ways to engage your dog’s sense of smell, improve his impulse control, and bond with him.

  1. Tell you dog to sit and stay.

  2. Place treats randomly around the house within eye sight of the dog. You want him to see the hiding places.

  3. Start by placing one or two treats that he can easily find.

  4. Once your dog finds the first treat (often by accident), he will quickly key into the possibility of finding other treats by sniffing them out.

Strengthen the Bond with Your Four-Legged Friend

If your dog is a little reluctant to play outside in the cold weather, it doesn’t mean it’s okay for him just to sit and sleep all day long until the warm weather returns. Lack of exercise during fall or winter can lead to weight gain and potential health problems that arise from pet obesity. Furthermore, all that pent-up energy can contribute to some unpleasant behavior issues. For more winter ideas and classes, check out Hearts in Harmony – your local Hamilton dog training professional.

Easy, fun and playful activities will help keep your pooch active and healthy not only in the colder months but all year round!

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