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Puppy Start Right Class

Puppies have the learning ability of an adult dog by the age of 8-weeks. It is during this critical learning period known as the socialization period that puppies form lasting memories. Meaning thatpositive as well as negative experiences can impact your puppy’s behavior as an adult, making early socialization and learning paramount to developing a well-rounded social dog.

Dog training begins as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Sign up for preschool puppy training and give your pet a good head startin life.

Although formal dog training has traditionally been delayed until 6 months of age, most vets are now recommending that puppies are socialized and receive training much earlier.The Puppy Start Right class is designed to lay a solid foundation for positive proactive socialization and training. Therefore, Hearts in Harmony is offering this programto dog owners in Leesburg, VA or elsewhere as open-enrollment class, allowing you to start when you get your puppy instead of waiting for the start of the next session. The Puppy Start Right class consists of 4 rotating classes with different socialization topics and opportunities. You can attend all four classes or just the ones that you feel most beneficial. Here’s what you can expect from the class.

Socializing with People and Other Dog Breeds

Socializing your puppy to strangers, other dogs, noises and different environments is a crucial step in training. This helps ensure that you raise a trainable, manageable pet and identify problem behaviors as soon as possible. Being in a classroom setting givespuppies an opportunity tobuild focus, attention and confidence, building a positive foundation that will follow them throughout the rest of their lives.

Associating Training with Positive Experiences

Training should be a rewarding experience for both dogs and owners in order to facilitate a healthy, loving relationship. Any training that uses any aversive form of punishment only creates fearful or aggressive responses for your puppy. Puppy preschool classes gets you started using the tools needed to continue building a solid relationship through clear, concise communication, games and fun.

Problem Solving & Prevention Training

Dogs are always learning, so any positive training will help them understand what is expected and appropriate. The reasons for and proper use of a crate, house training, jumping, handling, food bowl issues, play biting and chewing are all addressed in puppy training classes.

Reacting Positively to Being Handled by Others

Some dogs are fearful of being touched by strangers and being left alone by their owners, which can make grooming and trips to the vet quite difficult. An important part of puppy training is discussing enrichment, exercise, anxiety, fear, aggression, reading dog body language and how to continue building a solid trusting relationship with your puppy. Playing games, continued socialization and incorporating puppy playtime leads to a well-balanced and happy puppy.

Learning Useful, Basic Skills

Teaching your puppy to respond to simple obedience commands goes a long way. In puppy preschool, there is an emphasis on focus and impulse control. Basic manners such as name recognition, come when called, polite greeting, trade and to focus on you, all while having fun.Learning other skills will come easier to your puppy once the fundamental methods of communication are established.

Puppy training is a pivotal stage in your dog’s life. Make sure you get a good head start and enroll your puppy in our Puppy Start Right class. See our Puppy Group Classes for more details and to register for upcoming classes.


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