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Springing Back to Action with Hearts in Harmony Dog Training: Three Dog Training Tips for the New Se

Break out the balls, the water bottles, and the bug spray! Despite the last lingering traces of winter, spring is finally back – and your pet can bound to Hearts in Harmony in Hamilton after months cooped up at home.

How can you make the most out of the season to catch up on dog training, and to simply have fun with your pet? Here are several tips.

Dog Training Around Hamilton

Hit the ground running

With all the pent-up energy from a less active winter, your pet will benefit from a return to your favorite parks. Running or walking back out onto the grass isn’t just about getting the exercise, though.

Let Hearts in Harmony help you accomplish several dog training goals:

  • Improving your pet’s behavior on a leash

  • Learning or re-learning responses to commands, like “Come back!” or “Leave it!”

  • Interacting politely with other pets and humans on the trail

  • Knowing not to dig up all the newly sprung flowers!

We can help you step into Spring with your best friend with one of our group classes, private sessions, or behavior focused (Polite Leash Walking, Rocket-Recall) workshops. For more information, visit, or contact us

Of course, you should also brush up on springtime pet care before heading outdoors with your dog. Aside from sunburns and dehydration, you’ll also have to be mindful of any springtime allergies they might have – not to mention springtime “enemies” like fleas, ticks, and stinging bees!

Try new activities

Springtime is for new beginnings, is it not? You can take advantage of the milder, warmer weather by teaching your dog new activities that might not be as fun in the summer or fall. And this doesn’t have to mean rolling out a slightly different version of “fetch.”

Has your pet ever swum before? You could turn your regular run or hike into an adventure by introducing your dog to a pond or lake. Have you started your spring cleaning? You could try tying together worn and torn clothes; instead of throwing them out, turn them into a rope you and your pet could play tug-of-war with.

Go on a “road trip”

It doesn’t have to be a real road trip – at least, not yet. If you worry your pet might have gotten unused to being in a car over the homebound winter, you can begin taking him or her out for short drives. Start with little trips around the block, to the neighborhood park, and then around town. These will remind your pet how to behave and be comfy in the backseat.

Soon enough, with the windows rolled down, the sun in their face, and the wind in their fur, they can be excellent traveling companions – all the way through spring into summer!


10 Tips for Enjoying Spring with Your Pet,

Springtime Dog Training Tips,

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