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On December 3, Merry Manners: A Free Holiday Dog Training Seminar for Leesburg, Hamilton, Purcellvi

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Everyone wants to get through the holidays with the least stress and most grace, and it’s safe to say you hope the same for your dogs. Just like humans, canine companions can get overwhelmed by the frenzy from Thanksgiving to New Year. They might simply not know what to do – especially if your hosting or attending parties disrupts their routines.

On the List for the Holidays in Leesburg: Dog Training in Manners

Hearts in Harmony, LLC and Joyful Dog, LLC will be holding a free dog training seminar on December 3, 2017 to help you keep your canine on their best behavior through the holidays. Residents of Leesburg, Hamilton, Purcellville and neighboring areas are invited to come. Till then, here are several tips on preparing your dogs for the coming season.

Preserve routines

Even if human holiday schedules are anything but ordinary, make sure your dog feels everything is “normal.” Stick to regular walking, feeding, and playing times. Enlist friends or family members to step in for you if you yourself can’t.

As the hustle and bustle in your house increases, carve out “quiet times” for your dog to de-stress. Maintain a private spot where he or she can retreat to as well. (You can imagine how important this would be for you!)

Teach “new” behaviors

Despite keeping routines, you will have to ensure your dog also adapts to holiday changes. For example:

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Staying away from the feast – If your dog usually has the freedom to approach you during meals, he or she might be better off staying away when you have food for guests laid out. You can prevent dogs from sniffing counters or tabletops by training them to go relax on a mat or bed and that all good things come from a specific place (mat, floor, other room) other than the table or counter.

[if !supportLists]● [endif]Meeting guests for the first time – Dogs, as we know, can become overwhelmed and nervous about meeting new people. As you begin hosting people for the holidays, have a predetermined safe place for your dog to stay or go. Giving your dog a safe place to go will not only make them more comfortable, but may possibly save you embarrassment. It is equally important to “Train” your guests not to throw themselves at your dog as well!

Dog-proof the decorations

No matter how well your train your dog, you can always avoid mishaps by ensuring there’s less risk for them. Secure electrical cords, anchor your tree, and avoid risky decorations like breakable snow globes, twinkling lights, lit candles, and foodstuffs in stockings. Not only will you prevent your dog from knocking over things left and right – you will also help limit the distractions that could get your pet overstimulated.

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg on dog training tips for the holidays. Learn more by joining Hearts in Harmony’s seminar, and both you and your pet can enjoy the celebrations.


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