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Behavior Modification



Hearts in Harmony works with dog owners to help solve behavior problems that can affect the dog, owner and family's quality of life.  We use proven positive reinforcement techniques in all of our behavior modification programs.


Behavior consultations and subsequent training sessions are provided at our training center.


Some of the problem behaviors we work with includes, but not limited to:


  • Minor people aggression

  • Dog to dog reactivity

  • Food, object or location guarding

  • Anxiety and fear related issues such as, separation anxiety, storm anxiety, object and or action related fear    

  • Other problem  behaviors including pulling on leash, jumping on people and not coming when called               


Behavior Consultations


 All behavior modification sessions begin with an initial consultation which usually lasts approximately 90 minutes.   During the consultation, we obtain a history profile on your dog's behavior and health.   We then recommend a training strategy and discuss available options.


Simple behavior issues can often be resolved in one visit.   More serious problems may require one or all of the following:


  • Behavior modification plan and training

  • Private manners training

  • Group class training

  • Veterinary treatment

  • Veterinary Behaviorist




   At Hearts in Harmony Training Facility


       Behavior consult (90 minutes)   -  $180.00

           Includes a one-hour follow-up session

        Subsequent Sessions (1 hour)     -  $75.00


Shelter/Rescue adoption discount applies.





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